ATN assisting ADAC staff parking

What do ADAC (German equivalent of AA) staff do in their Munich headquarters when they are not dealing with car driving issues? Coming and going and parking in an underground car park worthy of Europe's biggest automobile association, is the simple answer. The useful features in the intelligent access control system include a barrier which recognises public holidays and is programmed to leave the gateman to decide whom to admit on those days. The system is also clever enough to realise that a car leaving the lower level will want to get to ground level without having to stop. It can even detect that the van just arriving is slightly too large, and display an automatic warning not to enter. In addition to these functions, the system also records all kinds of usefull information, such as the fact that the light was not quite the shade of green the van driver claims, after he ignored the "no entry" warning and got stuck in the entry. And of course, it also keeps an eye on how many vacant parking slots there are. But if you think that you can simply pop round to the local DIY for a system with all of these great features, think again. This is Building Automation - a division of ATN, handling heating management, car park automation and other similar systems from a single source, from design and manufacture to installation. And it is not just the Yellow Angels of the ADAC that benefit.